ISSN: 1998 - 4162

JISR - Management and Social Sciences & Economics Journal Contents

Volume 1, Number 1, January 2003


This is the first "real" issue of JISR, the Journal of Independent Studies and Research, Vol 1, No. 1, January 2003. The Journal comprises of three sections: Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Social Sciences & Economics.

The JISR consists of 6 papers selected from 42 submitted ones on the basis of at least 2 positive referees' reports per paper. It is satisfying to see that the papers submitted cover a wide range of topics from business process reengineering to reforms in the banking sector to social and economic issues of concern to us in our daily lives. We hope to keep up this tradition of bringing directly to you the results of a wide variety of research conducted around the world through the Web.

We have never seen technology grow as rapidly as the Web. However, the Web still faces formidable challenges and goals. The visual information content of the Web is much lower than a hardcopy journal or book. The journal spreads out, and it is therefore easy to choose an article from the many being simultaneously presented. The thumb easily flips through the book to sections of interest. And both of these mediums have higher portability and resolution, increasing the information flow. We will have an interesting time ahead watching new technologies to solve these problems on the Web. And we expect the JISR to keep pace with these advances.

The Journal is initially available free at no cost by a one time registration allowing you to access the papers with a members ID and password. All submissions, reviews, revisions, publication, distribution and access are done through the web thereby keeping the cost down. We look forward to your support in terms of subscription and scholarly contribution to the Journal.

January 1, 2003

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed in the journal are those of the authors and not necessarily reflect the policies or preferences of JISR-MSSE or SZABIST.