ISSN: 1998 - 4162

JISR MSSE Journal Contents

Volume 2, Number 2, July 2004

Sindh Education Foundation as a Learning Organization
Muhammad Athar Siddiqui - Sohail Alavi, Karachi, Pakistan
Shadab Fariduddin - NGORC, Aga Khan Foundation, Pakistan , Karachi-75600, Pakistan

In these days of competitiveness, there is so much talk about learning as a driver of organization's changing capability and building learning organizations that one gets tempted to look in to realities of these never ending learning mantras.

This research focuses on two important variables of Learning Organization (LO), a. Structure and b. Reward system and determines their relationship with learning capacity of an organization. Research hypothesized that if the knowledge sharing structures are enabled through positive and meaningful rewards, the personal learning resulting from the enabled system would translate into enhanced organizational capacity for action the purported aim of becoming a learning organization.

The study picked Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), a semi-government Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) as a case to test the hypothesis. Research was carried out through series of 20 open-ended interviews with SEF members across multiple-layers...


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