ISSN: 1998 - 4162

JISR MSSE Journal Contents

Volume 6, Number 2, July 2008

Impact of Performance Appraisal on Employee Performance: A Critical Case Study of Sui Southern Gas Company Limited
Sabera Suleman - -, -, Pakistan
Dr. Farooq-e-Azam Cheema - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan

Today, almost in all large/medium-sized organizations, performance appraisal is adopted in one form or the other for administrative purposes, retention/layoff decisions, as well as for developmental purposes. Keeping in view wide-scale efficacy of the performance appraisal as a management tool, the researcher chose Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), a public sector autonomous body to study its practical implications. The researcher wanted to determine whether the appraisal program used in the company is merely a useless bureaucratic attempt as part of the company’s requirement. Further, if the company constructively employs appraisal system then this paper addressed the various facets of the performance appraisal exercise and the effect these aspects have on the performance of employees working at SSGC...


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