ISSN: 1998 - 4162

JISR MSSE Journal Contents

Volume 6, Number 2, July 2008

Self Love: A Study of Narcissistic Leadership in Film - Othello and Omkara
Naheed Malbari - Avicenna, City school,SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr Amanat Ali Jalbani - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan

In leadership studies, many authors and writers, basically, use examples of real life heroes both historical and contemporary models, yet the impact of fictional characters is underrated. This interdisciplinary study is one such, which fuses many disciplines, namely psychology, social science, literature and cinema and religion into one; and to understand the impact it can have on people. Narcissistic leadership trait is, therefore, the subject of study. Cinema, both western and eastern, has depicted this element. Shakespeare’s plays have often portrayed this concept. Thus, I take Othello and Omkara, the Indian Shakespearean version and show how each director chose to depict this trait of leadership...


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