ISSN: 1998 - 4162

JISR MSSE Journal Contents

Volume 6, Number 2, July 2008

Theory of Multiple Intelligences in Classrooms: A Case Study of Karachi
Foiza Nasim - Sindh Education Foundation, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr Fouzia Naeem Khan - szabist, Karachi, Pakistan

For decades, scientists and scholars have been trying to understand the nature of intelligence, and not surprisingly, intelligence has always been connected with education. Many theories, models and concepts in education have been accepted and practiced throughout the world. Among them, Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences is considered a breakthrough, as it challenges the traditional views of intelligence. It has been embraced by a range of educational theorists abroad and significantly applied by teachers. This study aims to explore how exactly the theory of MI differs from the conventional theories of intelligence, extent of effectiveness it brings into the academic design of schools...


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