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JISR - Management and Social Sciences & Economics Journal Contents

Volume 7, Number 2, July 2009


In Pakistan, the Journal of Independent Studies and Research (JISR) is unique not only for the reason that it is simultaneously published online and in print but also because it enjoys the distinctive status of being the only journal in the country that has for the last seven years fostered interdisciplinary research, bringing together as diverse fields as Management, History, International Relations, Economics and the like, without compromising on quality.

In order to strengthen and expand the culture of research, JISR has always strived to provide a platform to scholars in the fields related to, but by no means limited to, the disciplines of management, social sciences and economics. Through this platform, we have encourage the dissemination of quality research work by established scholars while concurrently giving equal space and opportunity to emerging scholars to have their work published. Besides being subjected to rigorous editorial process, all the articles published in the journal are double blind peer reviewed by acknowledged experts of their fields. Although we are doing everything to foster research culture, we have from the start adopted zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. Hence, all the papers that we have published in our journal are being checked through plagiarism software.

Furthermore, in order to promote quality work, renowned academics from various fields as well as subject specialists from all over the world comprise our Editorial Advisory Board, which, in addition to their traditional job of outlining editorial policy, is now actively taking part in screening the submitted drafts, deciding upon the appropriate peer reviewer and helping to maintain journal’s multidisciplinary outlook.

In the current issue of JISR-MSSE, there are eleven research articles in total. Among the papers you will find studies that have explored issues related to the field of management through experimental methodology, whereas others in their papers have focused on current economic problems using investigative approach. Still others have employed socio-psychological perspectives to search and discover the underlying causes of problems, and suggested solutions/recommendations to cope with challenges that have surfaced in different areas pertaining to the discipline of social sciences.

Being part of the global village, we started with the vision that every effort should be made to keep the journal in tune with times. Consequently, in order to disseminate knowledge, we have been and remain committed to open access publication of research articles published in our journal. It means not only that our research is universally but also freely available to anybody interested, sitting anywhere in the world. The only requirement for a researcher is to have an internet connection and all our research is just a click away. Although we have provided open access to our readers through internet, we have not discontinued our publication in print, something that has unfortunately been done even by some research journals in the developed world.

Availing of the occasion, I would like to thank the researchers who have contributed in the journal and reviewers, both from within and outside Pakistan, who put in their energy and time in this intellectual endeavor, despite their hectic schedules and managed to send us back their review reports thus enhancing the quality, accuracy and clarity of the papers.

While concluding, I must acknowledge the fact that, in the final analysis, it is ultimately the readership of any journal that decides and directs the future of any publication through their feedback. Today I am glade to say that up till now the response that we have received has immensely assisted us to upgrade and improve our journal and in future too we look forward to any suggestion that you may have regarding the progress, proliferation and propagation of research in our country and beyond. So feel free to forward your comments/suggestions to us at:

July 1, 2009

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed in the journal are those of the authors and not necessarily reflect the policies or preferences of JISR-MSSE or SZABIST.