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JISR-MSSE Contents

Volume 8, Number 1, January-June 2010

It is both professionally elevating and intellectually gratifying to report that with this issue, the Journal of Independent Studies and Research – Management, Social Sciences and Economics (JISR-MSSE) has entered the eighth year of its publication, while maintaining the highest standards of research in Pakistan. Since our inception, it has been one of our main goals to serve as the primary outlet and disseminator of research in the fields of Management, Social Sciences and Economics in Pakist...more

A Qualitative Study on Gen Y Women and Shopping Competence
Wajeeha Fatima Javed - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr Amanat Ali Jalbani - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Negative Effects of Brand Extension
Tariq Jalees - PAF-KIETS, KARACHI, Pakistan
Nadia Tariq - PAF-KIET, Karachi, Pakistan
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Credibility Perception of Viewers and Brand Equity: A Case Study of Private News Channels in Karachi
Talha Chishti - , , Pakistan
Dr. Mustaghis-ur-Rahman - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Building High Performance Teams through Collective Efficacy
Dr. Muhammad Zaki Rashidi - FAST - NU, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr Fouzia Naeem Khan - szabist, Karachi, Pakistan
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Role of Push Vs Pull Factors in Employee Job Switch Decision
Muhammad Zohaib Sufyan - Maple Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi, Pakistan
Azra Maqsood - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Analysis of Information Technology in Business Education
Atif Hassan - Defence Authority College of Business, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Navid Jamil Malik - PIEAS, Islamabad, Pakistan
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Handling Emotional Abuse: An Investigation into Workplace Bullying/Mobbing
Sanam Pathan - SZABIST , Karachi, Pakistan
Azra Maqsood - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Development of a Consumer Confidence Index for Pakistan: A Pilot Study on Three Main Urban Cities
Salma Mirza - IBA, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Qazi Masood Ahmed - Institute of Businesadministration, Karachi, Pakistan
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Impact of Downsizing on Employee Attitude and Performance: A Case Study of HBL
Bushra Akbar Khan - IBA, karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Farooq-e-Azam Cheema - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Implementation of BASEL-II in the Banking Industry
(A Case study of Pakistani Banks)

Fiaz Ahmad - Mybank Ltd, Karachi, Pakistan
M.Abdus Salam - State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan
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Volatility among Regional Stock Markets: An Empirical Analysis
Nawaz Ahmad - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Microfinance Goes Macro: Impact on Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan
Rizwana Bashir - Defence Authority College of Business, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Shafeeq-ur-Rehman - University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
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Key Issues in Forging Credible Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships
Khalid Nasir - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
Shadab Fariduddin - FourCorners Group, Karachi-75600, Pakistan
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Multiple Intelligences in Communication Classroom
samra javed - IOBM, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr Fouzia Naeem Khan - szabist, Karachi, Pakistan
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Transformational Leadership and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto
Naheed Malbari - Avicenna, City school,SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Javaid Laghari - HEC, Islamabad, Pakistan
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Scholarship Skill Set for Developing Economies: A Model for 21st Century Postgraduate Researchers in Pakistan
Muneeba Haroon - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
Syed Zeeshan Arshad - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Gender Related Stereotypes and their impact on Leadership
Amber Raza - College of Business Management, Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Pakistan
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