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JISR - Management and Social Sciences & Economics Journal Contents

Volume 8, Number 2, July 2010


In the first decade of the twenty-first century, the world witnessed an exponential growth in the proliferation of research journals, contributing immensely in the generation of knowledge. However, the fact that most of these journals were, and still are, area specific, they thus remained narrow in scope and catered only to the needs of those who were specialist in a given field while broader research community could not gain much from this worldwide trend. With the mission not only to generate but to disseminate research pertaining to the fields of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, we at SZABIST decided, from the outset, to keep JISR-MSSE’s orientation multidisciplinary and hence beneficial to researchers around the globe.

In order to fulfill our commitment to disseminate knowledge, we have tried to make sure that all the research work that we publish is not only quickly and easily accessible to our readers around the globe, but every effort is made to help them search and download articles from the first issue of the JISR-MSSE to the latest, entirely free of charge. Not only that, we also distribute 200 copies of the journal to select libraries and renowned institutions in Pakistan, with the main aim to provide latest research findings to those who otherwise do not have access to current research in the areas that we cover in this journal.

With the publication of this issue of JISR-MSSE, our journal has successfully completed eight years of relentless growth, for which we are grateful to all the researchers as well as reviewers who have contributed their time and efforts in making it a premium outlet that publishes leading edge research while transcending traditional disciplinary boundaries. Like any other high-quality journal, we have tried to increase our readership and have also striven to attract top-notch researchers so that the quality of our journal is not only maintained but enhanced. It is elevating to report that as a result of these efforts, the number of electronic subscribers, from more than 30 different countries, has now exceeded 3000.

The current issue of JISR contains twelve research articles that have been selected from 40 submitted papers on the basis of two positive referees’ reports per paper. It contains topics on a number of issues ranging from the emerging Dynamics of Islamic Finance in the context of Central Banking to the exploratory study of Karachi Stock Exchange while analyzing the relationship between Bond and Stock Prices, from a study focusing on the hurdles faced by E-Commerce in Pakistan to the importance of studying Entrepreneurial Education in a broader framework, and from a study focusing on the problems faced by Working Mothers in Karachi to a case study exploring the importance of the missing nexus between Banks and SMEs in the context of Pakistan.

To raise the standard of any journal, cooperation of authors and referees is crucial but in our success the role of JISR’s readers is not inconsequential either. In fact, it is your feedback and suggestions that have ultimately steered us in the desired direction. Thanks to your valuable feedback that we have tried and thankfully made JISR-MSSE international in scope and readership. As usual we look forward to your suggestions to enhance the quality of our journal even further. I take this opportunity to invite scholars at every stage of their academic career to join hands with us in promoting the culture of research in Pakistan and contribute their research works to our journal that are of broad interest to scholars and students alike.

July 1, 2010

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed in the journal are those of the authors and not necessarily reflect the policies or preferences of JISR-MSSE or SZABIST.