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JISR - Management and Social Sciences & Economics Journal Contents

Volume 9, Number 2, July 2011


With the publication of this issue of JISR-MSSE, we are pleased to state that our journal has completed nine years of uninterrupted publication while serving the research needs of students, academics and policy makers both within Pakistan and beyond. While striving not only to maintain but to enhance the highest standards of research, JISR has served as a key platform for researchers as well as generator and disseminator of research in the fields of management, social sciences and economics.

To bring quality to the work published in JISR, we have established an internationally renowned Editorial Advisory Board, consisting of excellent scholars from as diverse countries as Canada, the US, the UK, Austria, Oman, India and Turkey. Besides, we have also established a large well-qualified, subject specialists’ Referee Board in order to ensure that the research published is filtered through double-blind peer review process thus bringing accuracy, clarity and quality to the work published.

In order to honour our commitment to research dissemination, we have besides providing a hard copy of the journal to all HEC recognized universities, concerned with the disciplines of management, social sciences and economics, also maintained an electronic archive wherefrom every research article published in the journal since its inception is universally as well as freely available to any researcher anywhere in the world. Resultantly, the number of electronic subscribers to the journal, located in more than 33 countries of the world, has exceeded 3,500.

The current issue of JISR-MSSE contains eleven articles in total that have been selected from 48 submitted papers on the basis of two positive referees’ reports per paper. The themes that have been covered therein, inter alia, range from the importance of wind power projects in Pakistan to the threat of water scarcity and its solution. In one study, research is conducted to investigate the effects terrorism news create in engendering prejudiced attitude while in another the nexus between privatization and price levels are explored. In the realm of finance, two studies are part of this journal wherein the first one examine the determinants of FDI while the second one underscores the importance of monetary and financial statistics as tools for analyzing the health of an economy.

We cannot celebrate our success without thanking our researchers and reviewers who, through their unremitting efforts, have contributed in this academic endeavor. Availing of this opportunity, I invite all scholars and researchers, who, at their MS and PhD levels, can contribute to the generation of research and its culture in Pakistan and beyond. Last but not least, I would like to thank all our readers who have, from time to time, through their sometimes critical but always fair feedback, identified to us the areas wherein further improvement in the journal was required and possible. Concluding, as always, we would appriciate if you write to us for any query pertaining to your research publication or suggest any change to enhance the quality of the journal, kindly feel free to contact us at

July 1, 2011

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed in the journal are those of the authors and not necessarily reflect the policies or preferences of JISR-MSSE or SZABIST.