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JISR - Management and Social Sciences & Economics Journal Contents

Volume 10, Number 1, January 2012


For more than six decades, Pakistan, as an independent state, has striven hard to cope with numerous challenges but unfortunately not always successfully. It can be said with absolute certainty that the roots of most failures, if not all, can be traced back to the whimsical responses to the problems by short sighted political dispensations at the helm of affairs. It is for this simple reason that the challenges faced were not studied and their root causes not explored that we failed to turn them from problems into opportunities. From the outset, SZABIST has underscored the importance of research in finding solutions to societal problems and to play its role, it has been publishing this biannual, double-blind peer reviewed journal to identify, explore, analyze and prescribe solutions for the problems that our society at different levels has faced. With the publication of this issue, we are proud to state that JISR-MSSE has completed, without interruption, a decade of services to the nation by providing an academic platform to the scholars both from within Pakistan and outside while simultaneously contributing through research done at SZABIST specifically, although not exclusively, in the fields of Management, Social Sciences and Economics

Acknowledging the role that JISR-MSSE has played in generating, disseminating and promoting research culture in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized JISR-MSSE as a multidisciplinary journal years back and now we are honored to share with you the good news that at the international level we have signed an agreement with EBSCO Publishing, the world's largest academic multi-disciplinary database and hence from this issue onwards, all our articles can be accessed and downloaded by millions of researchers around the world through their services. As EBSCOhost® receives over hundred million page views daily, due to their superior content and unmatched subject indexing, we are sure that the content of JISR-MSSE will also be utilized for the betterment of humanity at large.

In the current issue of JISR-MSSE, there are in total ten research papers spanning diverse fields covered in its interdisciplinary scope. Some of the issues covered in it range from, inter alia, the investigative study of home remittance policies in Pakistan to the exploratory research on the challenges Pakistan marble industry is facing in the context of Chinese market. In one study, the impact of organizational commitment is comparatively analyzed while in another novel approach of integrating economic, financial and accounting variables is extrapolated to analyze economic growth in Bangladesh. The often neglected relationship between unemployment and gross domestic product is explored in one study whereas in another the nexus between internal quality management and its contribution towards higher education excellence is evaluated.

As we have entered the second decade of our research-rich journey, we cannot celebrate this inexorable success unless we thank our Editorial Board, Peer Review Panel and of course our researchers, who have by investing their time and efforts contributed to the milestones that we in this decade-long intellectual expedition have managed to achieve. As always, we will keep striving to enhance the standard of research published in JISR-MSSE and to do so, as usual, we look forward to both constructive criticism and helpful suggestions that you may have for us, so kindly feel free to send either of the two to us at and we will be much obliged

January 1, 2012

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