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JISR - Management and Social Sciences & Economics Journal Contents

Volume 13, Number 2, July 2015


Dear Readers,

The Journal of Independent Studies and Research (JISR) has received great response from the academia, scholars and researchers alike particularly those working in the fields of management, social sciences and economics. Significantly, JISR-Management, Social Sciences and Economics (MSSE) has recently been recognized in the “Y category” by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. This comes not just as recognition of the journal and the quality of its content but also of the people who have been associated with the publication, especially editors, contributors, publishers, readers and students of Independent Studies and liberal sciences.

The need for such publications which, on the one hand, add to research work and literature in the country and, on the other hand, encourage and promote researchers from important fields is acknowledged without questioning. The current issue of JISR-MSSE is a volume which contains eight research papers on different fields relating to management sciences. The theme of the papers covers a vast area from Capital Structure in finance, subjective wellbeing in life in Human Behavior, Terrorism and Economic Growth in Sociology, to Quality in higher education.

The importance of education in the development of a country and its people cannot be expressed enough. The difference between a developed and an under developed country and an economy is the emphasis they give on education and research. The world today is not of isolation but that of a global village, and economies and societies inter connected with complicated problems. For such economic and social problems, it is not practical to follow a one dimensional approach focusing on one field independently hence arise the importance of the interdisciplinary studies and research where the methods and techniques of one discipline is used in multiple disciplines to approach inter related problems in a creative and more diverse way. Pakistan as a country has been through tough times and is moving on a turbulent road requiring a careful hand. The problems the country faces are multi facet and complicated requiring a complex solution not conceivable in isolation. Only through focusing on a multi-disciplinary approach, by utilizing the beast from every discipline can the solutions of complex problems be visualized. Problem should be anticipated, and educated, researched, and well thought out steps should be taken to make sure that the country moves ahead steadily and fast. This journal is intended to be a multi-disciplinary platform where ideas and problems can be discussed with complex and well thought our solutions through vigilant research can be presented.

It is important for an organization to learn and understand the process of behavioral change, learning and performance improvement if they want to compete successfully in this competitive world. Organizations that encourage and promote information share between their employees see increased performance improvement and behavioral change. Information acquisition, information dissemination, and interpretation of the information are the three steps of information sharing. Information sharing in organizations can be crippled by otherwise simple acts and invisible barriers such as regulations, politics, security and ii July-Dec 2015 Volume 13 Number 2 JISR-MSSE managements decisions. Government, business, and society benefit from removing barriers that slow or prevent information exchange. Lack of equity among organizational members makes it difficult for exchange of information to occur. Social network and information processing patterns explain people’s attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs concerning organizational information flow. Attitudes and perceptions are socially constructed; whereas, social environment provides cues that make certain dimensions of the workplace more salient and more desirable in furnishing information on other people’s evaluations of those dimensions. Thus, the social environment largely determines the effectiveness of information sharing among organization members.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Muhammad Kashif, SZABIST

Editor & In-Charge Publications

July 22, 2017

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