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JISR - Management and Social Sciences & Economics Journal Contents

Volume 14, Number 2, July 2016


The Journal of Independent Studies and Research (JISR) has received great response from the academia, scholars and researchers alike particularly those working in the fields of management, social sciences and economics. Significantly, JISR-Management, Social Sciences and Economics (MSSE) is recognized in the “Y category” by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. This comes not just as recognition of the journal and the quality of its content but also of the people who have been associated with the publication, especially editors, contributors, publishers, readers and students of Independent Studies and liberal sciences.

Information may be acquired from direct experience, the experiences of others, or organizational memory. Seeking and obtaining information from others encompasses common practices such as bench marking, forming joint ventures, networking, making strategic alliances, and working with lead customers and other important stakeholders. Some organizations deliberately limit sharing of information and knowledge because of the threats associated with espionage and concerns about diverting or overloading employees' work-related attention. Individuals are also likely to withhold information from others if they perceive that sharing such information will lead to their loss of power, position of influence, or promotion. For organizations to compete successfully, they must understand the processes of learning, behavioral change, and performance improvement. These processes have been shown to occur in organizations that facilitate and promote information sharing among and between their members. Information sharing is a three-stage process: information acquisition, information dissemination, and interpretation of the information. It is important for an organization to learn and understand the process of behavioral change, learning and performance improvement if they want to compete successfully in this competitive world. Organizations that encourage and promote information share between their employees see increased performance improvement and behavioral change. Information acquisition, information dissemination, and interpretation of the information are the three steps of information sharing.

Dr. Mohammad Kashif

Editor & In-charge Publications

September 11, 2017

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