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JISR-MSSE Contents

Volume 16, Number 1, January-June 2018


Dear Readers,

With great pleasure, we publish JISR- MSSE a bi-annual research journal in the field of Management Sciences, Social Sciences and Economics to contribute to the academia. The journal enjoys being recognized in the prestigious “Y” category since January 2016 by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is striving to be upgraded to the even more prestigious “X” category in the coming issues. The multidiscip...more


Impact of Organizational Commitment on Readiness for Change: A Case of Higher Learning Institutions of Karachi
Muhammad Asif Qureshi - , ,
Nazneen Waseem - , ,
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An Emerging Need of Introducing Behavioral Finance in Pakistan: Evidence from Investor’s Sentiments and Actions
Zill e Huma - , ,
Rafia Ayub - , ,
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Effect of Professional Training on Educational Leadership Styles
Sadia Ayaz - , ,
Tariq Mehmood Ch - , ,
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Determining Systemic Risk of Banks, Financial Services, and Insurance Firms of Pakistan
Shumaila Zeb - , ,
Abdul Rashid - , ,
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Role of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan’s Trade, Investment, Energy, Infrastructure, and Stock Market
Salman Bahoo - , ,
Sohail Saeed - , ,
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Implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Manufacturing Businesses of Pakistan: A Contingency Approach
Danish Iqbal Godil - , ,
Syed Shabib-ul-Hasan - , ,
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Authentic Leadership and Job Satisfaction: Measuring the Mediating Role of Affective Organizationl Commitment in Healthcare Sector of Pakistan
Muhammad Azeem Qureshi - , ,
Abdur Rahman Aleemi - , ,
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Assessing the Impact of Social and Demographic Factors on Female Entrepreneurial Intention in Pakistan: GEM Data Evidence
Raheem Bux Soomro - , ,
Sanam Gul Memon - , ,
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Murabahah Financing for a Small Medium Enterprise
Karim Ullah - , ,
Shafiullah Jan - , ,
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