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Volume 16, Number 1, January 2018

Assessing the Impact of Social and Demographic Factors on Female Entrepreneurial Intention in Pakistan: GEM Data Evidence
Raheem Bux Soomro - , ,
Sanam Gul Memon - , ,

The major endeavor of this research paper is to assessing the impact of Social and Demographic Factors on Female Entrepreneurial Intention in Pakistan because women constitute 50% of the population of Pakistan. Data for research paper was acquired from the database of GEM 2012 APS Global Individual Level. The female entrepreneurial intention was a dependent variable while demographic perceptions, Socio-cultural perceptions, Individual perceptions, and Perceptions of economic opportunities were independent variables. Four logistic regressions were employed to test ten hypotheses. Model 01 revels that the role model and self-efficacy have a significant and positive effect on EIs while, surprisingly, fear of failure was also found significant predictor of female entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The results of Role model, Self-efficacy and Perception of Economic Opportunities are positive and significant predictors of EIs among females. From Socio-Cultural Perceptions, Career Choice and News in Media have a negative and insignificant relation with EIs while, status and Respect perception has been found strong predictors of EIs among Pakistani females. Model 4 includes demographic variables of age, occupation and education. All perceptions (age, education and occupation) have negative impact on female EIs. In order to promote female EIs, the Government of Pakistan has to play an instrumental role in promoting entrepreneurial environment in country. In this connection, female-specific training programs, business support centers, promoting successful female entrepreneurs through print and electronic media are some common areas where GoP can work, and finally, making a conducive environment when females can run their business indecently.


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