ISSN: 1998 - 4162

JISR MSSE Journal Contents

Volume 16, Number 2, July 2018

The Relationship Between Worklife Balance Initiatives and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Support.
Khurram Shakir - , Karachi, Pakistan
Siraj Jamal Siddiqui - , Karachi, Pakistan

Work-Life initiatives refer to the organizational policies that helps an employee to create balance between his/her professional and personal life, whereas organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) refers to the voluntary behavior on part of the employee taking on additional responsibilities apart from their usual job descriptions developing a sense of ownership towards their workplace. The primal objective of this study is to explore whether work-life balance initiatives in any way influence organizational citizenship behavior and employees’ perception of such initiatives taken by their organizations and if such measures create a sense among workers to go beyond their duties at work. The purpose of this study is to test causal relationship among the studied variable. The primary data from 540 sample size selected through convenience sampling by using survey questionnaire from a number of banking and telecom companies of Pakistan. The data was analyzed through confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) technique and path analysis. The outcomes of the study show that relationship between Work-Life Balance (WLB) and Organization Citizenship Behavior (OCB) is fully mediated by Perceived Organizational Support (POS) which also highlighted the crucial role of Perceived Organizational Support (POS). The results of the study indicate that work-life balance practices have no direct effect on organizational citizenship behavior, while perceived organizational support shows full mediation between WLB and OCB and this suggest to the Work-Life Balance (WLB) practitioners that providing work-life balance options are not enough to get desirable results but the fairness and availability of such options across the organization are mandatory to achieve Organization Citizenship Behaviour (OCB).


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