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JISR-MSSE Contents

Volume 17, Number 1, January-June 2019


It gives us immense pleasure to contribute to the academia by publishing JISR-MSSE, a biannual research journal in the field of Management Sciences, Social Sciences and Econom- ics. The journal enjoys being recognized in the prestigious “Y” category by HEC and is striving to be upgraded to even more prestigious “X” category. The multidisciplinary journal welcomes contributions from people in the academia, be it faculty or research scholars as well as industry experts. ...more


A Step toward Realization of Vision 2030; Reduction in Child Mortality: New Evidence from South Asian Countries
Shazia Kauser - , ,
Mahwish Zafar - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Impact of Financial Intermediation and Financial Sector Efficiency on Economic Growth in Pakistan
Adiqa Kiani - , ,
Muhammad Ali - , ,
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Dutch Disease as an impediment to Economic Growth of Pakistan
Shahid Hussain Javaid - , ,
Iqbal Panhwar - , ,
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Impact of Financial Constraints on the Performance of SMEs - A Study of Sindh Province
Sadia Shaikh - , ,
Imam Uddin Khoso - , ,
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Content Analysis of Award Winning Television Advertisements: Implications for Advertising Creativity in Pakistan
Amina Haider - , ,
Wisal Ahmad - , ,
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Global Financial Meltdown – Systematic Literature Review A Qualitative Research Study
Salman Sarwat - , ,
Syed Shabib ul Hasan - , ,
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Impact Of Tariff On Income: Cross Country Analysis
Sidra Imran Amin - , ,
Ambreen Fatima - , ,
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Perception of SME’s Management Regarding Islamic Banking: A Users vs. Non-users Comparative Analysis
Rabia Umar - , ,
Faid Gul - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
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Impact of Development Perspective of HRM and Lesson Learned System of Knowledge Management on Project Success Through Project Management Competency Retention
Muhammad Mudassar Ghafoor - , ,
Kanwal Iqbal Khan - , ,
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Impact of Corporate Governance on American Corporates' Financial Performance: The Mediating Role of Derivatives
Salman Bahoo - , ,
Farhan Ahmed - , ,
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Innovation as a mediator between Innovative Culture, Transformational Leadership, Knowledge Management, Learning Orientation, and Performance
Hina Zafar - , ,
Khawaja Khalid Mehmood - , ,
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Impact of firm size on the Weekend effect: The Australian Stock Exchange evidence
Saqib Sharif - , ,
- , ,
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Linking Ethical Leadership with Employee Work Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Conscientiousness
Saqib Adnan - , ,
Saima Batool - , ,
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