ISSN: 1998 - 4162

JISR MSSE Journal Contents

Volume 17, Number 2, July 2019

Impact of Mother’s Teaching Profession on Children’s Growth: A Study on Teaching Mothers in Metropolis City of Pakistan
Sohni Siddiqui - , ,
Naureen Nazar - , ,

After the birth of children, due to health issues, household chores, and lack of time and management, most of the mothers leave their professional jobs. Some of the ladies usually prefer coaching jobs for grossing and continuing professional life because nurturing of children is prime accountability for mothers in Eastern Culture. However, it is still disputable that teaching-mothers can give better attention to by providing quality time to develop their kids’ personalities as teaching these days has proven to be a highly demanding profession. This study attempts to find out the after-effects of mothers’ professional workload on the early growth of their children, training, and performance. For serving the purpose, the analysis of the variables to test the hypothesis, samples of children of working and non-working mothers was selected from the city of Karachi to make it a comparative one. The Mixed Quantitative approach was used, employing a collection of data through an online survey questionnaire form and structured interviews. It is evident from this research’s statistical analysis that previous trends about mothers’ employment are changing, and nowadays mothers specially engaged with teaching profession are not only contributing to the country’s economy but also playing an important role as a mother by managing children’s development as proficiently as household mothers.


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